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May 20 2017

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Yellow Poppy spring palette greeting card / Felicitare paleta de primavara Mac galben
coloraj  (2016)
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May 19 2017

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May 18 2017

Archaeologists at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art have digitally restored artwork from an ancient Egyptian temple, showing the time of the pharaohs in an incredibly detailed and colorful light.

Due to 2,000 years of flooding and the harsh desert sandstorms, many of the original signs that ancient Egyptian architecture was once vibrant and brightly colored have been wiped away.

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May 15 2017

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May 13 2017


Io and Jupiter

Image credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona; Kinetikon Pictures - Copyright: Michael Benson

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Wayne Miller, Children in a movie theater, 1958.

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The oldest depiction of the universe

This is one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th Century and the oldest depiction of the universe so far. Called the Nebra sky disc, named for the town where it was found in 1999, the artifact has been dated back to 1600 BC. It was buried about 3,600 years ago but could be much older. It has been associated with the European Bronze Age Unetice culture.

When it was first crafted, it would have been golden brown because the disc itself is made from bronze. Over time, the it corroded to green. Fortunately, the symbols are made of gold and thanks to them we know it was possibly an astronomical instrument.
There’s Sun, a central to northern European Bronze Age religion and the crescent moon (in ancient times, the moon was used to represent time). The clump between the sun and moon are thought to be the Pleiades constellation, which was an imporant constellation for Bronze Age farmers because it appeared and disappeared in important farming times. So the Nebra disc could have told people the right time to plant and harvest.

What’s more, astronomer Wolfhard Schlosser, at the University of Hamburg, found that if you draw a line from the center of the disc to the top and bottom end of the right arc, the angle between the two ends measures exactly 82 degrees. And it’s the same value for the left golden arc. This number is very important for only a small group of people who live at the same latitude as the current German town of Nebra since it’s the angle between where the sun sets on the horizon in mid-winter and mid-summer.

The bronze disc combines an extraordinary comprehension of astronomical phenomena enabling to peak into the early knowledge of the heavens. It’s   shocking it was almost lost to the black market.

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May 12 2017

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A View We had the honour to make a guest comic for James Squires and his great 🌚

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May 11 2017

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May 10 2017

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May 07 2017

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May 06 2017

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Ronald Searle

“The New Yorker, magazine cover May 1972 “

May 04 2017

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft beams back the sharpest images of Jupiter—EVER
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May 03 2017


Saturn's North Pole Hexagon (Source NASA) 

The first true-color images of Saturn taken during Cassini’s close encounter are coming in — and they’re beautiful! 
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A Hauntingly beautiful crescent of Saturn, with a sliver of its rings. Taken by Cassini Apr 29, 2017... Credit: NASA
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